A wonderful evening was offered as a gift to the public; 1,200 people attended.
The purpose of the evening was to raise awareness about the suffering of Tibetans in Tibet
who are deprived of freedom and basic human rights. Internationally acclaimed musicians offered their performances to bring attention to the plight of Tibet. The featured musicians were Tibetan and indigenous Alaskan people. The featured musicians were: Pamyua, Culture Brothers and
our guest of honor, award-winning Yungchen Lhamo, who is one
of the most extraordinary voices on earth.

It was an honor for us to have a former political prisoner, Ngawang Sangdrol open our
event with her first public talk on the West Coast. Sangdrol was a Tibetan nun who was first imprisoned by the Chinese government at the age of thirteen for joining a
peaceful demonstration. She was again imprisoned when she was fifteen years old and
became the female political prisoner receiving the longest sentence in Tibet.
Ngawang Sangdrol was released at the age of 26 in 2002 due to international pressure.
She remains committed to campaigning for a free Tibet.

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