This event was conceived, organized and personally funded by Paola Pivi and Karma Lama.

The event would have not been possible without the free-of-cost generous participation of the bands Pamyua (Karina Moeller, Philip Blanchette, Stephen Blanchette, Ossie Kairauak and their musicians
Ivan Night, Dolores Katherino, Keith Anderson, Lee Thompson, Nick Petumenos) and
Culture Brothers (Karma Lama, John Reeves, Shawn Ruddy, Scott Jonsson, Daniel Lesperance and
the little girls Zahara and Filagot), the public talk by former political prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol and translator Rigdzin T., the masters of ceremonies Shyanne Beatty and Tenzin W.D., they all volunteered and collaborated for free. Yungchen Lhamo and her musicians Peter Cor and Michael Dimartino accepted to perform for a generously reduced rate. We thank all of them for their generosity.
We also thank the photographers Liza Seifert, Rob Stapleton, Brian Moon and Nathaniel Wilder, and the film makers Swenson Media Group of Brad Swenson and Bill Bacon, who all donated their time and work. The design and making of this website was made and donated by Selitsch Weig.

A special thanks to the many volunteers who helped tremendously, Daniel Sparks,
Carolyn Jan Hardy, Suze Anderson, Michelle Wilson Nordhoff, Cynthia Chiang, Andrea Stancliff,
Erin Popek, Vivian Patton, Hayleigh Patton, Karma Yonten, Alison Mall Sunny,
Chimee Tsangwa, Kelly Wilson, Tsewang Chuki Tsangwa, Rich Nevitt, Mary Searer, Michael Welch, David Deissenberg, Marcia Barnes, Megan Humphrey, Joanne Thordarson, Tom Dreyer,
Caitlin Jaksic, Maija Dreimane, Susan Shannon, Ron Solstad (Channel 11).